Kiapolymer is a leader and an innovative company in producing antiozonant waxes to be used by tire manufacturers. Kiapolymer has been the largest antiozonant wax producer and supplier for the last 15 years in Iran. We produce the best antiozonant wax (Kipowax) products and distribute them to all around the world.

antiozonant wax

The science behind antiozonant wax

Ozone is an odorless gas which is made of 3 oxygen atoms. It protects earth from harmful rays of sun. Without ozone layer around us there would be no life on earth but while ozone is very useful around the earth, it is considered a pollutant in the air. Furthermore ozone harms rubber products and tyres. Anti-ozone wax protects tires from ozone gas and gives tyres more longevity. Thanks to Anti-ozone waxes, today, tires can work under harsher situations such as higher speed, very cold and hot temperature and keeps going for a long time.