Kiapolymer is a leader and an innovative company in producing anti-tack agent (anti tacking agent) in form of powder, liquid or slurry which is consumed by tire manufacturers in batch-off equipment and systems. Kiapolymer has been the largest anti tack producer and supplier for the last 15 years in Iran. We produce the best anti-tacks and distribute them to all around the world. 

Powder and liquid Anti-tack

The surface of sheets made of rubber specially uncured tires are very tacky which means they have tendency to stick to each other.  It is a burden for transporting and storing tyres because uncured tires stick to each other while putting them on each other. Antitack (anti tacking agent) is a material which is usually in a form of powder, liquid or slurry and creates a layer between rubber products specially tires to avoid sticking to each other. Due to its application in batchoff equipment, it is usually called batch-off powder or batch-off release agent.

At Kiapolymer we produce powder anti-tack (anti tacking agent) , liquid antitack and slurry anti tack (anti tacking agent)  besides other products for tires such as Antiozonant wax

Powder Anti-tack

At Kiapolymer we produce high quality powder anti-tack (powder anti tacking agent) under the name of Kipodiv-K which dissolves in water fast and easily, it has perfect release action, dries quickly and doesn’t let dust formation or sediment formation.


Liquid anti-tack (liquid anti tacking agent) is more popular currently due to higher efficiency and less difficulty when applied on tire sheets or stripes. It has great anti-tacky properties and avoid tack between rubber products specially tire sheets. At Kiapolymer we produce high quality liquid antitack (Kipodiv-PT).