Kiapolymer is a leader and an innovative company in producing mold release agent (inside tire paint) to be used by tire manufacturers. Kiapolymer has been the largest mold release agent (Kipolup) producer and supplier for the last 15 years in Iran. We produce best mold release agents and distribute them to all around the world.

Mold Releasing Agent

The science behind Mold Release Agent

In production line of each factory specially tire factories, one of the biggest problems is sticking of materials to the surface of a mold. using mold saves a lot of time for manufacturers to build products but without a release agent it would be really hard to use a mold. Release agent or demolding agent prevents bonding of rubber to the mold by producing a low surface energy. If there is not any mold release agent or inisde tire paint between the material and the mold, mold and tyre will bond to each other and it’s very difficult to clean the mold afterwards and results in low efficiency and a lot of waste. Mold release agent is a very essential part of tyre manufacturing like antiozonant wax.